Murder is easy. The consequences are deadly.


Killing Katie is a 416 page novel, and is Book 1 of the series: An Affair with Murder.

I was having an affair with murder.

There. I admit it.

And there was no program for me—no rehab or clinic. I couldn’t deny my obsession, my fantasy. Murder. 

It was only a matter of time before someone died. And I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop after just one.

So, when the temptations had become too intense, I risked everything for one little taste. Immediately, my life was filled with twists and turns and thrills—the seductive arms of a dark society embracing my desires, relentlessly drawing me in until I'd lost sight of who I was.

But my husband is a police detective and some of my nightly adventures have showed up on his desk. My newfound world, my fantasies, they've bled into my family's lives. No matter what I try, I’m tangled up in a deep web of lies, telling one after another to throw off the suspicions of the man I love and save who we are.

I know people live for the idea that their fantasies can come true. The question I began to ask was should they?

A Painful Truth is a 400 page novel, and is Book 2 of the series: An Affair with Murder.


I'm obsessed. 

But I'm not dangerous, not like other murderers. You see, I only kill those who won't be missed--I know it's an odd sense of justice, but it works for me. I'm a mother, a homemaker, and a serial killer, just not necessarily in that order. No lies, it's tough juggling my serial killer ways and my homelife. But life is good. Scratch that. Life is great. I'm living the best of both worlds. 

When I'm not looking after my family, I'm lurking, watching and researching deep web links that turn me on to new cases and help me choose my next target. But I was playing in a dangerous world. And I chose not to see the dangers waiting for me. Yet I wasn't alone and should have been more careful. Someone was watching me. 

In book two of the technothriller series, An Affair with Murder, Amy and her partner are successful killers for hire, passionately righting the wrongs of the past through vigilante justice. The Darknet is where Amy finds her targets, where she hunts to feed her serial killer desires, but it's not long before the hunter becomes the hunted and Amy must kill to stay alive in this thrilling sequel to book one, Killing Katie.