Murder is easy. The consequences are deadly.


Killing Katie is a 416 page novel, and is Book 1 of the series: An Affair with Murder.

I was having an affair with murder.

There. I admit it.

And there was no program for me—no rehab or clinic. I couldn’t deny my obsession, my fantasy. Murder. 

It was only a matter of time before someone died. And I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop after just one.

So, when the temptations had become too intense, I risked everything for one little taste. Immediately, my life was filled with twists and turns and thrills—the seductive arms of a dark society embracing my desires, relentlessly drawing me in until I'd lost sight of who I was.

But my husband is a police detective and some of my nightly adventures have showed up on his desk. My newfound world, my fantasies, they've bled into my family's lives. No matter what I try, I’m tangled up in a deep web of lies, telling one after another to throw off the suspicions of the man I love and save who we are.

I know people live for the idea that their fantasies can come true. The question I began to ask was should they?


Book 1 has been published by Amazon Kindle Press -- Click the cover above or follow the link: Killing Katie

Book 2, A Painful Truth, is currently in development and should be out fall of 2015.