My background is in computers, having spent years coding. And so when I hear the word deserialize, I know exactly what that means. Well, I'm about to do the same for Going Gray.

A little history, Going Gray was originally written as a contribution to the terrific anthology, From the Indie Side. After the anthology had published, I released the novelette, Going Gray as an eBook and in print. And then something unexpected happened… I kept on writing. Before I knew it, I had another book, Into the Dark, and sent that off to a few proofreaders. I kept on writing, and I am now working through the final chapters of book 3, Inside Out

All three are short books and rather than publish them as a serial novel, I've decided to bundle and publish as a standalone. Of course, the story continues in another set of books, taking place centuries later in Gray Skies, but we'll leave that for another post.

So what do I do with what is already published?
I've updated the Going Gray eBook edition on Amazon to include the original novelette and the first chapter of the second book, Into the Dark.

If you downloaded this book for free, or at the discounted 99 cents, then please subscribe to my newsletter to get the next two books in the series for free. Yes, Free!

Why should you subscribe? After I finish Inside Out, I’ll bundle the three into a single volume, and then will hit the Amazon publish button. That’s it! Once the update is available for download, I’ll send out my newsletter with a book release announcement and directions on how to download. 

The finished volume will contain Going Gray, Into the Dark and Inside Out. The price will also jump to the non-discounted 3.99, but you’ll still be able to download the book for free.


Is this the end of the serials for me? Yes. At least for now. As soon as I've finished Going Gray, I'm finishing Gray Skies and will likely bundle that one too. 

In other news—stay tuned for a Coffee and Tears short story coming soon.