If you aren't a fan of Hugh Howey - become one. And I'm not talking about his impressive books, I'm talking about his blog. Click here to swing over to there.

In Hugh's latest blog post, The New Top-Down Approach, he covers the traditional publisher's ever-changing perspectives on self-publishing. But more than that, it is about the landscape changing and self-publishing as the starting point. As always, a most excellent blog post. 

A number of indie authors who've since become what are called hybrid have experienced the top-down. In fact, one very successful indie friend of mine has just been tapped by traditional publishing and will enjoy the hybrid status for the foreseeable future. What it comes down to is the readers. It's always about the readers and getting our books into as manny hands as we possibly can. While we write for the enjoyment of writing, we want to be read.

Wander on over to Hugh's Blog and give it a read.