On Writing


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I'm often asked why I write. The simplest answer is: because I want to. But seriously, I love to write and when I'm pounding out the words on my little MacBookAir everything seems to feel right in the world.

Almost thirty years ago, I wrote my first song. After that, I wrote a few dozen more, along with a hundred poems... after all, aren't lyrics poetry too? 

My first published prose happened to be one of those poems. On a whim, I'd sent a few off to a greeting card company and heard back from one of their editors. They sent me a contract, which I eagerly signed, licensing them to use my poem. They even gave me a credit on the card. I was on my way! Yeah! Well, not quite. Today, those poems and song lyrics are sitting in a box, buried somewhere in my basement. Maybe one day I'll go through the exercise of typing in all those poems (used a typewriter in those days), and then format them into something I can give away on Amazon. It'd be a project, but someone might give it a read. 

I wrote my first novel almost fifteen years ago. A dreadful tale about the personification of Death—like that hasn't been done before. The writing was clunky, the grammar bad, but I was having fun. And then tragedy! With eighty percent of the first draft complete, my hard-drive crashed. Keep in mind that I am talking about a time before Dropbox or home networks and Drobos or even some decent backup software. I've kept the hard drive, promising myself to reclaim the platters if I ever make enough money from my writing. I do have one printed copy of that story, a partial at best, and guess where that is? The basement.

After almost finishing a novel, life got Lifey and a dozen years passed before the writing bug would strike again. I still remember the day… a Virginia Beach vacation with my family and a story suddenly popped in my head. I'm always coming up with stories, but this time I saw words too. Using an iPad and the Notes App, I jotted down the opening page. And that was that, I started writing and didn't stop for another 100k words..

I try to write and read a little every day, but life still gets lifey, and most of the time my lofty goal of a few thousand words amounts to just a few hundred. I never let that bother me—okay just a little—I do the best that I can. As for writing, I have a few things to share about that too, which you can find further down.

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